In order for us to prepare our complimentary feasibility analysis report and submit our proposal, please provide us as much information as possible from the list of items shown below:

Proposal Request
  • Type / use of property with brief description (# of floors, parcel size, building construction and special considerations)
  • Date placed into service
  • Initial tax basis for depreciation of building
  • Additional tax basis from renovations or additions
Proposal Request
  • Blueprints and specs
  • AIA G702/G703 (contractor's application for payment)
  • Summary of any work performed on the property outside of general contract work and their costs
  • Summary of all construction related indirect costs - architectural and engineering fees, bonds, permits, legal fees, construction period interest, etc.
Proposal Request
  • Settlement statement
  • Listing of closing costs paid outside of closing
  • Blueprints and specs if available
  • Property appraisal report
Proposal Request
  • Property appraisal report
  • Blueprints and specs if available
Proposal Request

The building was placed into service in a prior tax year and the tax return has already been filed

  • Any of the items listed above in an applicable situation
  • Depreciation schedule showing the building from the most-recently-filed federal income tax return
Assisting Tax Advisors

We work closely with your CPA or controller in order to assist them in implementing this tax-saving strategy.

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